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Together at the Top

Our Associated Partners

The first person the Hungarian school contacted before planning the project was Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, a Nobel prize winning CEU Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy and serves as Vice Chair of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). We asked her opinion on our topic and we were glad to incorporate her suggestions in our plans. As a mother of seven children (all of them are/were students in the coordinator school), she is one of the most authentic persons in our topic. She can encourage our efforts and has a view of our activities as a parent and as a scientist as well. 

At the preparatory stage, we asked permission for including the Deputy Mayor of our Local Council Department responsible for environmental issues and the President of Hungarian Compost Forum. Both of them we have had close connections with for a long time.

In Sweden, we have contact with Max Hallstan - a political adviser for the Swedish Greens in the European Parliament. Through his partnership, he'll provide advice, feedback and relay students to other EU staff and elected officials, thus serving as a window to how sustainability is discussed and worked with on an international and political level.

The Portuguese school plans to involve Funchal City Hall, Regional Secretary of Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change (involving recycling companies, treatment plants, etc.) and Madeira University to help with the implementation through workshops and presentations.

The Italian school has collaborated for many years with the University of Messina. Its higly qualified Professors (some working with CERN of Geneva) hold some lectures and workshops in English during the past Erasmus+ projects the school planned and hosted. This collaboration affects scientific, technological, health, historical, environmental fields.

For this project, we will involve them to treat issues related to the safeguard of the planet, both through lectures and workshops.

Local Association “Carlo Ruggero” promotes the culture of “green” in our region, Calabria, through the organization of botanical exhibitions. They safeguard the botanical gardens of Cittanova, national heritage. They involve the students in their activities. During the mobility in Italy they will introduce their work and experience to the other partners, to disseminate their knowledge and apply this in other European contexts.


The Turkish school has good connection with Adana Municipality and Adana Cukorova University.

All these connections are very helpful during fulfilling the activities and disseminating the project results. With their support the quality assurance and the sustainability of the project are also provided.

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