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May 2022

At the beginning of May the first Transnational Project Meeting took place in Budapest and hosted 31 Teachers and Students from the Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Turkish participating schools.
The Hungrian host school did its best to provide a rich programme.

There were three outstanding moments during the visit besides all the lesson observations, school visits, cultural and social events.
• A presentation by Diana Ürge-Vorsatz, a Nobel prize winning CEU Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy and a Vice Chair of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on climate changes and environmental issues.

• A Conference where the Students presented their ideas on their planets and intorduced the different fields of interest had been discussed with their Erasmus+ Teams. The event was opened by the Vice Lord Mayor of the Local Council, Márton Kovács, responsible for environmental topics of the district.

• A visit to the Lord Mayor of the second district and a short presentation how the local council contributes with the needs of the preservation of the environment of the district.

• A visit to the Lord Mayor of the second district and a short presentation how the local council contributes with the needs of the preservation of the environment of the district.

April 2022

By April, all the preparatory tasks had been completed and the organisation process of the programme in Budapest came to an end.
Finally, the Erasmus + corner was arranged in the Swedish school and an article about the project was published in a local magazine.

March 2022

Let us introduce the artist of the winning logo!
His name is Batuhan Özmen and he goes to the Sehit Ismail Demir Secondary School in Adana,
Turkey. Congratulations to him again!!!
In the photo he is receiving a present from his Teachers but every school is going to send a
small prize to him from the Budapest meeting.








Meanwhile the Erasmus+ Teams are working on the project.
The short films on the schools are being prepared and the ideas in connection with the
imaginary planets are presented in a PPT.
The Hungarian school is busy with organising the first meeting in Budapest. They are inviting
lecturers, booking hotel rooms, finding host families, organizing cultural programmes... So
everybody is very excited!

February 2022

At the beginning of February an "International Voting Process" was going on. 80 Children and Teachers from each school could vote for the best entry.

Finally with the help of the organizing Italian school the results were announced:

For the project “Be the Guardian of the Galaxy Yourself” Turkey (with 111 votes) won the logo competition.

The Portuguese logo (with 102 votes) was on the second place and Italy (67) - Sweden (66) - Hungary (52) nearly equally shared the third position, being really minor differences in their individual scores


As a result, the logo from Turkey will be the official logo for the project “Be the Guardian of the Galaxy Yourself” and will appear in any document and publication under the name of the project.


The coordinators had their next online meeting to discuss the following tasks:

•         making an introductory film about the participating schools

•         working on the chosen topics

•         preparing drawings/plans/maps/models for the travelling exhibition on the planets

•         making an introductory film about the planets

•         preparing the draft of the ”Local Interplanetary Agreement”

They set the time of their visit to Hungary. So the first Transnational Opening Project Meeting will be held in Budapest between 8-13 May (if the political and COVID19 situation allows) with the participation of 16 Teachers,16 Children from Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Sweden and the members of the host school.

We are looking forward to it!

January 2022

At the beginning of the new year Children were working on the logo competition. All the entries were collected in the participating schools and then they were put on a display and Teachers and Children could vote for the best ones.

At the same time with the help of the Erasmus+ Teams the main topics of the cooperation were chosen by the Children in a democratic way. They started working on the topics, collecting ideas, planning the planets' outlook... (see an example from the Hungarian school)

December 2021

By December every Erasmus+ Team had their "kick-off" meeting and they arranged the Erasmus+ Corner in a public place of their school to let the parents-children-teachers-visitors know about the project and besides the common website be able to follow the project events. 

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At the beginning of December the Italian school sent out the call for the LOGO COMPETITIONand the preparations started for it.(Click for the "Call for the competition")

November 2021

Our project work started with the Coordinators' first online meeting.

We discussed the tasks for the near future and the deadlines.

The tasks are

1 A kick-off meeting for the Erasmus+ Teams

They are the "management" of the project. So it is vitally important to be updated by the new pieces of information.

2 To connect our website to the school websites (As soon as possible!)

3 Prepare a poster/notice board in the school to let the visitors/children/parents know about the project (Deadline: 1st December)

4 Italian school advertises the Logo competition (Deadline of the call: 6th December)

5 Start to plan the Introductory film on your school (Start as soon as possible, it's a long process! Simple language, length is not more than 4-5 minutes!)

6 Decide on 4-5 fields of interest you want to work with on your planet together with the children. Start planning your planet's outlook, draw pictures and spare them for the travelling exhibition!!!

October 2021

The coordinator school signed the contract with their National Agency and the Project Coordinator took part in an online project kick-off meeting which was full of very useful pieces of information.

We got the evaluation of the project as well and we are on the way to complete our plans according to the remarks made by the experts.

Click for evaluation document.

September 2021

Towards the end of this month we got the ”green light” to our Erasmus+ project and the budget of 183.492 Euros for the five participating schools.

We could hardly believe that we were among the eight supported projects out of the 24 applications.

May 2021

Writing the application, agreeing on the ideas, struggling with the technical problems and checking the final form filled the month.After 20th May we just hope for the best! :)))

April 2021

All schools dealt with the questionnaires, collected the answers and sent the results to the Coordinator School. (?)

March 2021

We hold the first online meeting for the Coordinators. We shortly introduced ourselves and our schools and discussed the outline of the project which had been sent to the schools earlier. We went through the questionnaire, discussed the tasks and set the deadlines.