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Project Results


10 Escape Room


9 Our Green Book

8 Our "Zero Waste Challenge" 2023

7 PPTs on Activities (created by Students)

6 Interplanetary Agreement

The “Ministers” from each school being responsible for different fields (such as: Political life on the planets, Everyday life on the planets, Environment and Sensible use of technical devices) presented their results achieved on these topics they had previously chosen and a joint statement on the operation of the “planets” was signed by the student participants in Türkiye.

Interplanetary Agreement

5 Methodology file

Teachers put a “Methodology File” together from the ideas of how to involve environmental issues into the English lessons. After each visit a collection of new ideas are added to it.


Hungarian Teachers' ideas:


Turkish Teachers' ideas:

Swedish Teachers' Ideas


4 Our ”Zero Waste Challenge”

During the summer of 2022 teams from each school tried out their ideas on how to "produce" as little garbage as possible, not to throw away food, pollute the air, waste water or energy... and shared these ideas in a blog.

3 Conference Presentations in Budapest


Erasmus+ Conference 2022 - Hungarian School's Presentation


Erasmus+ Conference 2022 - Italian School's Presentation


Erasmus+ Conference 2022 - Portuguese School's Presentation


Erasmus+ Conference 2022 - Swedish School's Presentation


Erasmus+ Conference 2022 - Turkish School's Presentation

2 Exhibiton on the imaginary planets

Every school brought along their ideas in connection with their imaginary planet during the
first Transnational Project Meeting which took place in Budapest.
Paintings and drawings reperesented the different fields of our planets had been created
before the meeting and a small exhibition was put up in the assembly hall of the host
Besides these in two display cabinets reborn-bags, re-generation bags and T-shirts made
of recycled materials were exhibited as an addition to the topics previously discussed.
This ”Travelling Exhibition” is going to be displayed during our next visits in the
participating schools.

1 Short introductory films about the participating schools 

One of our tasks was to introduce our schools to the participants of the project for the first
Transnational Project Meeting which took place in Budapest.

Here you can watch all our introductions:

Italian school:

Portuguese school:

Swedish school:

Turkish School:

Hungarian school:

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