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This summer I tried to buy less clothes and reuse my older brother's clothes. I just asked my mum to buy me a good pair of shoes, one size bigger than mine so I can wear them next summer.

This way I get more value out of the item, and it lasts longer. I think it's better to have fewer pairs of shoes, but of good quality, and to buy clothes only when necessary and not on instinct.



I'm part of a large family and have many cousins, so from a very early age my family got into the habit of sharing clothes and shoes. To use them until the end of their lifespan.  The same goes for toys and books. Sharing in my family is something I've learnt to value and respect.     


We Portuguese, Madeirans in particular, are very used to consuming meat, especially beef or pork, so it's very difficult to follow a vegetarian diet... So, this Summer we've tried to cut down on our meat consumption. For the rest of the family, it's been more difficult because it's a cultural issue that's deep-rooted in the elders. However, now we try to eat more fish and vegetables and less meat.




We already do this, but this week we're reducing the plastic bags at the fruit and veg section and leaving cardboard cereal packets at the supermarket to recycle! In my family we usually keep reusable cloth bags in our car luggage, so we don't use plastic bags. It all worked out very well!






As I bought a summer bus pass from the Funchal bus company, I am going to be travelling more by public transport this week/summer. My parents, since they work in the city centre, tried to carpool with a neighbouring couple who also used public transport! This way they saved money because they shared the cost of petrol.




In order to reduce plastics consumption in my household, during my Summer holidays, for a weak, I challenged my family members to comply the following steps:

  • Avoid single-use plastics such as drinking straws; 

  • Always carrying a cloth bag;

  • Don´t buy chewing gums; 

  • Whenever possible buy more bulk food and fewer packaged products;

  •  Replacing plastic Tupperware for glass or steel containers. 

The challenge has been met almost in full and I have to say that since last summer the established rules have been maintained and we are gradually introducing new, more environmentally friendly habits.

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