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Windsurfing Team

Our Goals


"Be the Guardian of the Galaxy Yourself! - Leave Earth, take all the knowledge you have gained during the pandemic and find a new planet where you can build your democratic civilization. Organize your social life, lay down the guidelines of a sustainable lifestyle on the fields of environmental and social sustainability with your democratically elected Ministers.


Don't go back to 'normal', because 'normal' was the problem before COVID19.

If you have established your new world, seek for neighbouring civilizations and contact them. Learn from their operation, cooperate with them and acquire the good practices. Remember! Your future is your responsibility, you should act if you want a 'new normal' life!" - This is our call for our teenage generation, grown up enough to think responsibly about their future but young enough to take part in a game where they can make decisions influencing their future.


Our project originates from the present pandemic situation and the need for the global responsibility. The latter can't be completed without individual responsibility and that is what we found to be the problematic field where this generation should be given reinforcement.


We want our students leave their comfort zone and take part in the schools' life actively, care about the environment and take responsibility for their actions. This is the most difficult task for the participating teachers as they need to be creative in order to get their students act and be motivated.

Students need the trust and respect of adults if they are to learn successfully to assume responsibilities.

Civic and political responsibility is usually completed in adulthood if at all, but the stage must be set in childhood. It can be achieved by activities offered and encouraged by schools such as field trips, studies of local conditions and problems, attempts to work out solutions for community problems, participation in community activities and projects, but besides these we want to get our students to set up the tasks by themselves and enjoy the feeling of being important.


The frame of the activities is the revival of the popular film "Guardians of the Galaxy", a role play where young participants can use all their skills and competencies to build up an 'ideal' society.

After organizing their society on their “planet” and established their healthy and sustainable life, they sign an “interplanetary cooperation” with their neighbouring “planets”, deciding the rules of their operation. We hope that this role-play will be motivating and attractive enough to “provoke” active participation. As the fields of interest and the tasks are going to be defined by the students, we can decide on the frames only but the activities themselves will be outlined by the students. In the second part of our project these activities will be fulfilled in real life, not in the world of fantasy and the adoption of the final document will include specific tasks concerning the daily lives of students.


The teachers are the accompanying and contributing helpers of the process, connecting young people and decision makers at local, regional, national and international community level.


As the five carefully chosen participating schools come from different European regions with different cultural backgrounds it allows them to learn about, connect and accept each other more easily.

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